American melatonin tablets at a dosage of 5 mg per tablet.


American melatonin tablets at a dosage of 5 mg per tablet.

Food bio-surges – These are useful substances that compensate for the lack or absence of such in the human body. Melatonin has been used as a medicine and supplement for several decades. During this time, he has established himself as a useful substance, able to prevent and help cure a number of problems associated with sleep disturbance, fatigue, bad mood and irritability, metabolism, the immune system and nutrition.

American melatonin tablets at a dosage of 5 mg per tablet. Intended Puritan # 39; s Pride Melatonin 5 mg to strengthen and restore sleep for reasons overtraining, flight or normal failure with sleep. With melatonin, your sleep will be strong, and in the morning you will feel much better than before. Available in packaging 120 tablets.

Description melatonin 5 mg 

A popular American manufacturer of sports nutrition and health supplements, the company Puritans Pride, world-famous for the quality of its products, amid fairly affordable prices, is ready to bring to its attention its new development, called Puritans Pride Melatonin 5 mg, containing high-quality hormone melatonin, 5 mg per capsule. Opened back in 1958 by American doctor Aaron Lerner, the so-called "sleep hormone"better known to the general public as Melatonin, initially positioned solely as a substance that improves the body’s internal clock, and improves sleep quality in a natural way. However, this substance is being investigated to this day, revealing more and more new properties useful for the organism.

American melatonin tablets at a dosage of 5 mg per tablet.

It will not be for anyone to discover that hypertrophy of muscle fibers is the desired result of any bodybuilder. In other words, all the guys visiting "rocking chair" one way or another they strive to become larger and more prominent. However, not everyone knows that muscles do not grow during exercise, but during rest. That is why, the process of restoring the body after physical activity should be paid no less, and sometimes more attention than the actual training of the body itself.

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If we talk about recovery, then I think no one will argue that the lion’s share falls on a night’s sleep. From which you can make a logical conclusion that it is a good night’s sleep is fundamentally important, we can say a key factor in the qualitative growth of muscle mass. All this was said only to make it clear how important supplement is for any athlete. melatonin 5 mg from Puritans Pride. Melatonin itself is a hormone produced by our body (epophysis). However, unfortunately, over time, melatonin self-production inevitably decreases, which leads to many undesirable consequences, the main of which is of course a sleep disorder.

Periodic courses of use of the American melatonin presented can qualitatively increase not only your progression in achieving the desired forms, but also improve the standard of living in general. For example, we present the main studied and scientifically based beneficial properties of melatonin:

    American melatonin tablets at a dosage of 5 mg per tablet.
  • Regulation of the endocrine system;
  • Normalization of blood pressure;
  • Improving sleep quality;
  • American melatonin tablets at a dosage of 5 mg per tablet.
  • A marked decrease in emotional, intellectual and physical activity during periods of rest and recovery;
  • Seasonal adjustment rhythmics;
  • Increased antibody production;
  • Slowing the aging process;
  • Strengthening the efficiency of the immune system;
  • Powerful antioxidant effect;
  • Increased adaptation of the body during the rapid change of time zones;
  • Adjusting the functions of the digestive tract;
  • Improving the performance of brain cells;
  • Pronounced antitumor effect;
  • Increase stress resistance;

Contraindications and side effects

We recommend that before using any sports nutrition get a preliminary consultation with a specialist. Attention, may cause individual intolerance of the product.

Where can one buy melatonin american?

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