Sleeping pills: reception features

Sleeping pills: reception features

Sleep disorders affect many people around the world. Help with the problem help sleeping pills. In some cases, prolonged therapy with sleep pills is required. During this period of life, you will need to give up certain foods and drinks, since their interaction with sleeping pills can lead to undesirable consequences.

Sleeping pills and coffee

After taking a sleep pill, a side effect in the form of drowsiness is common. A cup of aromatic coffee helps the body to cope with this nuisance. But is it dangerous to mix coffee and sleeping pills? How will this combination affect the body?

The main active ingredient in coffeecaffeine. That he is a stimulant that increases the excitability and brain activity. As a result of drinking a cup of flavored drink, the person becomes active. Medical research shows that coffee has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the respiratory system. With the systematic use of this drink reduces the risk of diabetes and liver cancer, accelerates the process of digestion.

But the harm from the much-loved drink also exists. With the abuse of coffee, the cardiovascular system suffers, the general excitability increases, and severe headache and dizziness are possible.

Sleeping pills: reception features

When taking strong sleeping pills most often manifested side effect in the form of drowsiness. The natural desire of modern man — Enhance vigor with an aromatic cup of brewed coffee, preferably two or three. As a result, the body acts and hypnotic, and coffee. The sedation of coffee is neutralized by the drink, but some side effects are exacerbated.

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How different dosages of sleeping pills interact with coffee is not reliably known. Doctors do not recommend abusing coffee in the treatment of strong drugs. Of course, you should not drink a sleeping pill. The effect of the drug while significantly weakened.


Belsomra and coffee — perfectly acceptable combination. Suvorexant does not inhibit the nervous system and does not cause side effects, so a cup of coffee will not worsen the patient’s condition.

Alcohol and sleeping pills

Under a categorical ban while taking sleeping pills is alcohol. Strengthening the action of active substances, alcohol can lead to tragic consequences, even death.

Among the consequences of such «cocktail»:

Sleeping pills: reception features
  • Acute respiratory failure;
  • Reduced perception criticality;
  • Critical decrease in hemoglobin and leukocyte levels;
  • Acute psychosis and more.

For example, when phenozepam is mixed with alcohol, even during urgent hospitalization, it will take at least six months to restore the body.

Belsomra (belsomra) — it is a new generation drug whose mechanism of action differs from the rest of the sleeping pills. Unlike previously known strong drugs, suvorexant (second name) does not inhibit the nervous system. Small doses of alcohol will not cause significant harm to the body, but still, you should avoid drinking with alcohol during Belsomra therapy.

Sleeping pills and grapefruit

When taking some sleeping pills should abandon grapefruit. This is due to the fact that the fruit blocks one of the enzymes that is involved in the metabolism of drugs. Doctors do not recommend combining grapefruits with a large category of medicines. In particular, when taking benzodiazepines, the effect of hypnotic drugs is enhanced.

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