What is melatonin for?


What is melatonin for?

What is melatonin for? Quick way to sleep or dummy

In sleep time the body rests and restored, for it meets the sleep hormone – melatonin. Nutritional supplements with him became popular, their actively advertise, claiming that this hormone will help to cope with lack of sleep. So is it? What is melatonin for? AT What foods contain melatonin? How to take melatonin? How is melatonin better? – read about this in our article.

Lack of sleep – one of the main causes of poor recovery, especially among amateur athletes. In addition, lack of sleep adversely affects ability to learn and think logically. According to research by the American Academy of Sleep Studies, two thirds of the world’s population does not regularly get enough sleep. Work, training, stress, study, Internet – and it’s night already get up after four hours. BUT meanwhile, a healthy person should not sleep less than 7 hours in day, when playing sports all 8-9.

What is melatonin for?

Melatonin, or sleep hormone, regulates human biological rhythms. The hormone is produced by a special endocrine gland. – an epiphysis, from which hormone gets into blood and affects body systems.

The benefits of melatonin:

§  improves the endocrine system and normalizes pressure

§  speeds up recovery and makes it easy to fall asleep

§  increases the formation of antibodies and slows aging

§  prevents obesity and reduces stress after exercise

§  strengthens the immune system

§  eliminates some types of headache

If you suffer from a hardened continent, you experience constant stress, perhaps you lack melatonin.

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Melatonin slimming

By According to scientists, melatonin is directly related to obesity prevention. The thing is that enough hormone in The body stimulates the appearance of beige fat (known as a healthy fat). Beige fat weave, in Unlike white we and used to call fat, helps regulate body weight. Beige fat gives off a special substance that helps to use body fat in energy quality on training

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Melatonin – sleep hormone and long life

What is melatonin for?

Have athletes often appear sleep disorders. High loads, especially on collections, stimulate the nervous system, and dive into sleep in this state is not easy. “Poor sleep after exercise” or “How can I fall asleep quickly?” – can often be heard from athletes in periods of high loads. Quick way to sleep – taking a small amount of a hormone 1-2 hours. Long restful sleep will allow you to recover faster and be ready to plow again 2-3 workout in day.


How to normalize the production of melatonin?

Unhealthy eating disorders, disturbances in wakefulness and sleep, drinking alcohol and nicotine – All this violates the correct production of melatonin. AT As a result, extra pounds are gained, the aging of the body is accelerated.

AT an adult’s body melatonin is produced in a dream – about 30 mcg in day, with peak production accounts for about two in the morning Accordingly, people suffering from insomnia who disturb sleep, the hormone is not catastrophically enough that badly affects health.

To increase melatonin production at body, follow the recommendations:

§  Observe the daily regimen and recreation. You do not will have to “count the sheep” lying in bed if you go to bed in one and that same time. Daily. Even by weekends.

§  Not fill the stomach on night. AT heavy workout days drink a portion of protein or gainer before bedtime, eat a little cottage cheese or kefir with black bread.

§  Sleep in dark room. A large amount of light reduces the formation of melatonin, and a decrease in illumination, on the contrary, increases. So turn off the computer, close the curtains tightly and Keep your mobile phone away.

§  Also, the lack of sleep hormone can be filled by eating foods rich in melatonin.

AT What foods contain melatonin?

one.   Record content (1350 ngr in 100 c) melatonin in cherry and as a result, in cherry juice.

2   On second place are walnuts and Tomatoes

3   Rich in sleep hormone and bananas: besides potassium and magnesium contained in bananas have a positive effect on disposition and the muscles are loosened.

four.   A lot of melatonin contains rice, asparagus, corn, oatmeal and flakes, ginger root, peanuts, mustard seeds. Satisfy the body with the sleep hormone by using pomegranate, broccoli and strawberries.

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What contributes to the production of melatonin in body?

The main way to normalize the production of melatonin is the observance of sleep and wakefulness. Also for recuperation and organism resources it is desirable to follow a balanced diet or, according to at least use products rich in tryptophan (important for the synthesis of metalonin). All kinds of legumes are rich in tryptophan grain crops: peas, soybeans, beans, wheat, and oats etc .; nuts and dairy products: cottage cheese, cheese, milk, kefir, ryazhenka; mushrooms, dates, bananas, meat (especially turkey meat) and a fish.

What is melatonin for?

Excessive consumption of coffee, black tea, smoking and alcohol. Give up on bad habits to improve sleep and well-being.

Need in melatonin not can always cover food faster and more effectively add melatonin from special sports supplements. They are sold as in pharmacy and so specialized sports nutrition stores.

How to take melatonin?

Sports nutrition and drugs with Melatonin is becoming more popular, especially among amateur athletes. Amateur sport – this is training in any free time: in lunch up work after work in business trip until baby u tutor and etc. Such a violent rhythm of life is not allows you to get enough sleep such cases have resorted to melatonin care.

Drugs with sleep hormone classified as dietary supplements. Purchase them You can in the pharmacy without a prescription. AT Currently, drugs such as MelaxenMelarithm and others. These are tablets of different dosages (from one mg to ten mg). Melatonin in tablet form is well absorbed in digestive tract easily penetrates from blood in brain tissue. The average duration of admission is 1-2 months.

Much more profitable to buy sports nutrition with melatonin, than drugs in pharmacies. Substance content in sportpit more, and the price is lower. We recommend the following meals:

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How to take melatonin in pills?

Like us already said, the body produces 30 ug hormone in day but melatonin dosage during depends a lot on individual features. Try to start with 1-2 mg at day, then the dose can be increased to five – ten mg in day. The average course duration is also 1-2 months.

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Some athletes recommend drinking at 5-6 mg hormone for an hour to workouts to improve stamina. Watch, improve Does this method of taking the drug your health. If not, then best to take melatonin just for 2-3 hours to sleep.

Can I take melatonin constantly? Melatonin harm

What is melatonin for?

Melatonin is absolutely safe even in very large doses. AT extremely rare cases, the drug is individually intolerable – May cause allergies, headaches or diarrhea. AT the first 2-3 of the reception day, watch carefully health condition if you suddenly felt unwell, just reduce the dose or stop drinking the drug – The described effects will disappear.

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Buy melatonin

You can buy melatonin in pharmacies and in sports nutrition stores. Turning to any sports nutrition store, you will find at least 2-3 variants of melatonin. In general, buy melatonin is not a problem.

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How to improve the quality of sleep?

Pay more attention to proper rest if you don’t indifferent health. Observe sleep hygiene and rest, faster restoring the resources of the body. AT periods of hard training and fees take sports nutrition with melatonin. is he improve the endocrine system and will help to cope with lack of sleep.

Experiment with sleep calculator. Enter the time when you want to wake up, the calculator will tell you what time it is better to go to bed. It takes into account sleep cycles, statistics of biological rhythms and lays 14 minutes for falling asleep.