Any sleeping pills — This medicine, therefore, doubts whether it is worth to drink pills are natural. Some people have enough chamomile tea and lavender aroma to fall asleep, someone needs prescription drugs.

We do not touch upon cases when a doctor prescribes medications, because everything is clear here: the regimen and the reason why and how to drink the drugs.

Let’s figure out how to deal with sleeping pills, which are sold without a prescription and are available to everyone.

When you can not drink sleeping pills

The hypnotics have many side effects, even those made on vegetable raw materials. Therefore, the campaign for a pill must be postponed in case of emergency. You definitely shouldn’t be messing with sleep drugs if you haven’t done the training.

You have not studied the drug

First of all, you should not drink sleeping pills if you have not read the instructions, especially the section «Contraindications». Or read, but did not understand. Or understood, but not sure that this is not about you.

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First make sure that you can use this medicine altogether. It is advisable to do this even in a pharmacy or before going to it (instructions are on the Internet), because any medicine has side effects.Medicines for sleep. .

When you can and can not drink sleeping pills

You have already drunk something else to relax

If you need to fall asleep here and now, you cannot and have already tried to relax with a glass of wine or other alcohol, you cannot drink tablets.

Sleep pills affect the nervous system, alcohol does the same. What happens to you if you mix these ingredients? Perhaps nothing, and perhaps nothing good, and this option is more likely.

By the way, sleeping pills are not always combined with other drugs. If you regularly take any drugs for chronic diseases, then any supplements should be discussed with your doctor.

You are driving

Some hypnotics reduce concentration, inhibit the reaction, and the action persists after you wake up. Driving sleepy is as dangerous as sleepy. If you do not sleep well, give the driver a seat to someone else or use public transport.

You did not try to establish a dream

Sleeping pills — it is always the last resort. Rest is vital. If you do not get enough sleep, you must grab the medication.

But sleeping under pills is still different from healthy sleep. Regular use of sleeping pills — This is an exceptional measure, necessary until the normal sleep cycle is restored. Treatments for insomnia. .

Therefore, you first need to arrange all the conditions for a good sleep. We wrote how to beat insomnia, use these tips. Short:

    • Set the mode, go to bed at one time.
    • An hour before bedtime — no gadgets and no work.
    • Walk before going to sleep on the street.
When you can and can not drink sleeping pills
  • Make the bedroom comfortable for sleeping: dark, cool, quiet. Buy a comfortable mattress and pillow.
  • Exercise to get tired physically.
  • Do not use stimulants, such as coffee.
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You did not try to relax

Stand in the shower and sing a song, read a pleasant (or boring) book, ask your loved ones to massage you or make some simple yoga asanas, listen to the rustle from the channel about ASMR. Remember that in the world there is chamomile tea with melissa and even cookies.

First find other ways to shut down.

When can I take sleeping pills

Without sleep, a person can not live longer than a few days, do not wait for a critical situation. Sometimes sleeping pills are necessary.

You just have to survive this night.

Usually you sleep without problems, but tomorrow is such an important day that you are not able to close your eyes. Or the last day was so intense that you can not calm down and relax.

Why torture yourself now, suffer from lack of sleep tomorrow, when you can take a pill and fall asleep? Of course, such cases are not every day or even every week.

You fight jetlag

Do not drink sleeping pills before flying, so as not to fall asleep too deep in the sky. And when you landed and suffer from jet lag, You can use the tablet Jet lag disorder. .

Nothing helps you anymore

If you have equipped the perfect bedroom, forgot about the existence of coffee, took a warm bath with lavender after an evening jog and perfectly mastered shavasana, but you can’t sleep, you need to help yourself with medicines.

But this is a signal that sleep problems are hidden deep, you need to go to the doctor.

Just because the dream does not disappear, perhaps the body signals the disease. Refer to the neurologist or therapist who will treat the cause, then the insomnia will go away by itself.

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